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How to fix “this webpage has a redirect loop” in Gmail / Google Docs and Google chrome


If you came here searching for this, You must be getting the Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects and a message that says “this webpage has a redirect loop“. This error happens occasionally for Gmail and Google docs and I don’t have quite an Idea why it is caused. This error always happens with google chrome and Gmail or Google ... Read More »

Download UCweb Browser For IPhone free


UC Browser is the most popular browser for mobiles. It’s the most downloaded web browser and the favorite browser of all mobile users. It’s main attractive features are the ease of use and undoubtedly it’s speed. Even the most famous hacks and tricks of GPRS and 3g are done in UC browsers or UC web browser handlers. That itself shows the influence ... Read More »

How does Gmail Free storage keep on Increasing ??


If you are a Gmail user, You must have frequently noticed that Gmail offers a lot of space and it’s free space keep on increasing. It always tells something like Over 10250.***** megabytes (and counting) and the number shows on increasing. Most of you may had thought about it and worried how on earth it could be possible … just as I did ! ... Read More »

8 Amazing Jaw Dropping and Handy uses of Google Goggles


Google goggles is an amazing software by Google Inc which could drop your jaw ! Technically, Google Goggles is a downloadable image recognition application app. But with it’s great usability and features it can do several things more than other traditional image recognition apps or bar-code scanners. But the face is that many android users are not even aware of the existence of this software. Here we ... Read More »

How to find Rajanikanth – Google is a huge fan of Superstar Rajani


Rajanikanth- A name that has it’s own Identity in the Indian Film Industry. The only actor the whole India had ever called as a ‘Superstar‘ or ‘Megastar‘ ! The name Indians use for describing superhuman things and making legendary wits. Not just for Indians, Rajanikanth is known for the world too. If you don’t know who Rajanikanth is I can ... Read More »

Top 5 Antivirus Programs for Android Mobiles

Top 5 android antivirus anti malware security apps for android 2.2.1 froyo

As per new reports, The Users of the Google’s Smartphone OS – Android, is increasing rapidly. So does it’s security issues too. It’s reported that the No. of malwares found for Android is quite too high and they are extremely Dangerous. So We need a strong Shield to block these black arrows. But don’t worry, Since Android has a huge market place, It’s quite simple to ... Read More »

How to force move apps to SD card in android 2.3

How to back up your apps and force move them to sd card

Android is an OS that comes in several hardwares and in many of them, internal memmory is too small. You can increase the memory by your SD card but whenever you download an app, it will remain in the phone memory and it gets filled. You can move many apps by going to settings -> applications -> manage apps -> ... Read More »

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